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Two Hours From Home

When does a trip two hours from home take ten hours? When the region has been coated in a fresh blanket of snow and you're a photographer, that's when! Yesterday, Omaha and the surrounding area woke up to 7-10 inches of snow. In photographer language, that's a dream come true. A photographer friend of mine messaged me asking if I was going to go out and shoot and I replied that had already been out and about capturing the pristine beauty. I convinced him to head out as well and we settled on a destination, a tile silo he knew of in the middle of a field, about two hours away (Photographers are so weird...give us a farm structure in the middle of a field and we are in heaven!).

In true photographer fashion, the two hour trip ended up taking ten. The day was full of making fresh tracks on gravel roads, revisiting old friends and scouting out dozens of new locations for future photography adventures. It was awesome to watch the light shift and change throughout the day as well. It went from full cloud cover, to hazy diffused light, to bright sunlight (with a few snow showers mixed in for good measure) and back again several times throughout the day. I tried hard to stay true to those differences in the the edits I gave to each photo.

I hope you enjoy the set of images below and if you live in the Midwest, hunker down because another storm is headed our way tomorrow night!


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