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The Images I Love Best, 2019

I always say that I love every image that I share, but there are definitely some that I love more than others. They are little snippets of my life, my creative process, and my thoughts and feelings at a particular point in time. This is a roundup of my personal favorites from 2019.

"Strong Stance"

This image was not only one of my favorites from the year, but it was recognized in two regional art shows, The 12th Annual Juried Art Show at the Norfolk Arts Center and the 2019 Nebraska Biennial Juried Show at Gallery 1516 in Omaha. I can only imagine the stories this old home could tell us.

"Hope for the Future"

I was OBSESSED with sunflowers during the summer of 2019. I sought out sunflowers when we were on vacation, I scoured the internet for sunflower fields around Omaha, and I still dream of finding that vast, open field of sunflowers in the middle of nowhere. This image was captured at a Wildlife Management Area in Iowa. I love the lushness of the flowers and the golden backlight.

"Iowa Barricade"

In January, I took a 12 hour drive two hours from home on a snowy Sunday with a photographer friend. The Iowa countryside was so beautiful with a fresh coat of thick white snow. I made my friend go back around the country square because we drove right past this the first time.


2019 has been the hardest year of my 18 year teaching career. I feel like this schoolhouse near Adams, Nebraska symbolizes my feelings about my job very well.

"Wonderful, Beautiful Wreck"

Blackstone School near Tekamah, Nebraska is one of the locations that I enjoy revisiting on a regular basis. It is always a challenge to capture a familiar subject in a new way. The evening I created this image, a friend and I were at the school to photograph it at sunset and stay until the stars started appearing. The golden light on the grasses surrounding the school was captivating. This is an image I created using Intentional Camera Movement.

"Auburn Windmill"

Windmills are another one of my favorite subjects to capture and this broken beauty near Auburn, Nebraska caught my eye. At dinner, my friend and I were trying to figure out where to photograph sunset from and we ended up back at the windmill we passed earlier in the day. The sky was pretty amazing that night!


This home near Syracuse absolutely captivates me. How it is still standing is a complete mystery. About 200 feet to the east, there are 2 well kept barns, so the property is quite a mystery with the mix of dilapidated and usable structures. It's on my short list of places to revisit soon.

"The Trick is Hope"

About three blocks away from our cabin in Okoboji, Iowa, there is an empty lot that fills with the most beautiful wildflowers each summer. I know that the lake is supposed to be the main event, but on the morning I captured this image, the dew and the light were absolutely perfect. I spent almost 2 hours crawling around in the wet, itchy grass looking for the best composition...totally worth it.


At the end of August, I found out that there was a small produce farm near Elkhorn, Nebraska that planted a field of sunflowers. I drove out there three weekends in a row to photograph the beautiful blooms. The day I made this image it was extremely windy, so I used that to create some images with using intentional camera movement.

"Haystack of Light"

A friend and I discovered this barn this past January when we were scouting some new locations in Northeast Nebraska. I've revisited the barn a few times (and I have another trip planned soon!) so I can attempt to capture its slow descent to the ground. This image was selected to be in the Signs of Rural Life juried show at Blue Cat Gallery in Wayne, Nebraska this past summer.

"Feathered Sky"

I used intentional camera movement to create this image of my favorite sunset of 2019. The sky was on fire and had so much color and texture in every direction. The colors kept changing and they lasted for almost an hour after sunset. It was an absolutely magical evening.


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