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2018 Best Nine

2018 was a year of amazing growth for me as a photographer. I learned a host of new skills (back button focus, I'm looking at you!) and tried out some new creative photography techniques. I also dove headfirst into film photography after finding a Canon AE-1 film camera while helping my mother in law prepare for a sale. I also was blessed to have two images accepted into a regional juried show at the Norfolk Arts Center and take an amazing photography trip to the Nebraska Sandhills with one of my best friends.

There's a fun website called Best Nine that will view your instagram analytics to find your nine most popular images for the year. That is what you see in the image above. They're not necessarily MY favorites that I took this year, but they definitely rank up there.

Top Row- An old schoolhouse outside of Tekamah, NE (this image was one that was chosen for the Norfolk Show), an Okoboji sunrise, and an awesome tree tunnel in the Nebraska Sandhills.

Center Row- A beautiful foggy summer sunrise in Council Bluffs, another Okoboji sunrise with a Laura spin, and a foggy winter sunrise on the same road as the shot with the buttonweed.

Bottom Row- A country church in rural Pottowattamie County, Iowa, an Okoboji sunset (a rare shot because there are usually boat hoists installed on the right side of the dock), and having fun with a technique called Zoom Burst while photographing Arnold's Park in Okoboji.

I'd love to hear which image is your favorite out of my best nine!

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