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Photo Credit: Lynn Grieve

Artist Biography

     Even though she has been art teacher since 2003, Laura Snyder did not consistently practice her own art making until she discovered photography in 2012.  As a self-taught photographer, Laura is constantly looking to expand her skill set and was excited to discover the experience of film photography. Laura has also been experimenting with a photo abstraction technique called Intentional Camera Movement.   

     Laura has had work selected for two regional juried shows.  In 2017, her image “Iowa UPC” was chosen to be in the "150 for Nebraska's 150th" exhibition at the Bone Creek Museum of Agricultural Art in David City, Nebraska.  “Lessons Learned” and “Where the Wild Things Grow” were selected to be in the 11th Annual Juried Show at the Norfolk Arts Center in Norfolk, Nebraska in 2018.  In addition, a selection of Laura’s work is on permanent display at The Tired Texan restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.


Laura Snyder is a lifelong Omahan, where she lives with her husband and two sons.  She is an elementary art teacher, and she enjoys teaching her students the fundamentals of having a personal creative practice.

Artist Statement

     Since 2012, I have grown as a photographer, expanding my skills beyond cellphonography and using a point and shoot camera to working with a DSLR and a variety of film cameras.  My work has taken a creative shift recently, as I have been moving from producing solely realistic images to experimenting with an image abstraction technique called Intentional Camera Movement.  


Through photography, I have developed a passion for capturing and sharing the humble beauty of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa where a majority of my work is based.  I strive to create images that help the viewer appreciate the vast landscapes and minute details that help tell the story of my corner of the Midwest.


     I am obsessed with photographing prairie plants in various stages of growth and decay, abandoned structures losing their battle with nature, rich golden light and lake reflections, the gently rolling landscapes of Nebraska and Iowa,vignettes of urban life, and random wonders that catch my eye. My hope is that my work will prompt you to stop and take notice of the extraordinary beauty surrounding you that may get overlooked as you pass through your ordinary days.  

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